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Synchedinsight.com - Intuitive Massage & Deep Healing

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” Albert Einstein.

Practising Deep Tissue, Sports and Remedial massage combined with intuitive energy medicine for 25 years, I can easily locate and release the cause of your pain, dissolving knots and sore spots caused from physical impact, old injuries, mental fatigue and emotional stress.

I’ve had lots of experience and positive results treating Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Tendinitis, Bursitis and Inflammation. 

Massage, breathing and stretching techniques alleviate pain, layer upon layer, shifting old sticky blocked energy allowing your body to re-align physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Good health comes from nature..


The human anatomy is a structure of cells, water and electricity.
I tune into your electrical system, plugged in like an extension chord, I can feel all the sore spots. Intention and negotiation is how I release the pain.

Perhaps you think this is woo woo alternative nonsense? Maybe you’ve tried medication, the chiro, physio and you still have the problem, that’s when people find me, usually one treatment and its fixed, healed and you can get on with your life.  


No, its not the same, but if you understand how the healing aspect works then the concept is similar. Reiki is channeling universal energy, I can read electrical frequency in the body with my fingertips, my hands follow the pain and I release through breath and movement.

It is ancient knowledge, suppressed by the education system and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s an alternative solution, outside of mainstream health practises. 

Some people can pick up a musical instrument and play it well by ear, some can jump on a horse and know how to ride, I can touch a body and my hands know exactly what to do. Reincarnation and past lives are real and relevant, I was a tibetan healer in another life, I have remembered my skills, I know my purpose. 

No.. Intuitive massage is not recognised, I have completed 2 different massage courses throughout the years, however, I go beyond their scope of practice, I definitely have more freedom in my work to do my own thing, better results for both of us. 

Exploration and expansion, questioning everything outside of religion and academics, how we react and how others and their actions affect our core being. Spiritual knowledge is knowing what is true within ourselves through our own personal experience, pushing through the programming of ‘beleif systems’. Belief and what we believe is only a perception, but what we know for real, is our awareness, accepting guidance through spirit, our expression of being true, within. 

Thats ok, I didn’t either until I experienced a life changing event, there was an accident, a teenager died, in those moments I felt the presence of God and Angels, that’s why I’m here, its my purpose.

God isn’t religion, that’s a man made concept and false belief, God is frequency, a dimension, Generator Of Dimension. You can re connect with intention. 


Massage Therapist Morphett Vale Adelaide | Chronic Pain

This is an individual experience combining a system of skilfully developed techniques to relieve pain, realign and reset the mind.

Intuitive Bioelectric Massage Therapy is everything to do with the electrical frequency that is everywhere in our existence. The cells in our body are conductors for positive and negative electrical currants vibrating at different frequencies. The process is simple and incorporated into the massage treatment with the application of intuitively developed techniques to treat, heal and prevent pain, illness and disease. You will feel significant and positive changes instantly.


Benefits of Intuitive Massage, Deep Healing & Energy Medicine

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0422 176 733

Intuitive Massage Treatment Fee

UPPER BODY TREATMENT : Focusing on all the joints, fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders, I release the cause of tightness and pain. 30 mins $50

An hour massage treatment with oil can make a significant difference. You will be surprised how many sore spots I will find throughout your body. Some issues I can heal instantly, others may need a follow up treatment. $90

90 minutes is very thorough. I work through all the layers liberating your body from toxins, old injuries and connective tissue damage, aligning your  mind, spirit and body into peaceful bliss $130 

STRICTLY NON SEXUAL please do NOT ask me for a ‘happy ending’ It’s OFFENSIVE.

Surrounding areas where I provide portable massage chair treatments in my van, sometimes free, no fee – Morphett Vale, Reynella, Hackham, Christies Beach, and Nourlunga.