Interestingly, bamboo is a conductor of electricity and there are thousands of species. I was inspired to investigate when I was living amongst it in the Sunny Coast of Queensland. I began to incorporate bamboo into the massage treatments. I have found there is nothing better to soothe tight muscles. I use a tapping and rolling technique, like rolling dough, the tapping brings the pain to the surface and the rolling stretches the muscle and releases the pain. It is a very efficient and a surprisingly soothing technique.


No two massage treatments are ever the same, each time is a different experience depending on what your body needs at that time.  It is the same sequence and techniques that I use but each experience is unique. I am not able to read your mind but I am able to read your body, telepathically.. Your body tells me things, every cell has genetic and past life memory. If it relates to an injury I will receive a visual on how you did it, If it is emotional I will receive a word accompanied with the emotion, together we process and honour the experience, acknowledge and release.


Each massage treatment is done with a specific intention, If you are all in, I’m all in. If it is physical like a sports massage then that is what it is, invigorating and circulating. Some problems are stubborn, you may have already tried various modes of practise and nothing seems to be able to shift it, this is when we surrender time and trust the process. If you are open to whatever it takes then you are in for an adventure. If a past life is relevant then that will reveal itself. It is only ever one life at a time and when it happens the result is truly uplifting and the healing is miraculous.


I use clear quartz as it transfers negative energy into positive, that’s its job and the crystal knows exactly what to do. Sometimes I may need to hold it or put it on you, the purpose is to refine the area and enhance the healing.


This is my personal interpretation of alchemy inside the body. It is usual to experience your body temperature dropping and feeling cold on the inside, that is what happens when a deep healing occurs. Your cells crystallise, causing you to go cold. It doesn’t last very long and I cover you in a warm blanket until it passes.


Hertz is literally a godsend.. Listening to it will change everything about how you feel in that moment depending on the frequency. My personal favourite is hertz 999. Use Youtube, its easy, pop on some headphones get comfortable and before you know it you will be in meditation. Sometimes I listen when I am doing tasks as the steady beats are perpetual and grounding.


Honestly, meditation is the only way up. If you want to get anywhere on your spiritual path you must meditate!! I started in 2018, I didnt know how so I went to a group meditation with a monk. It wasn’t great so I went to youtube. I tried many guided meditations before I found the perfect voice with the perfect beats. Meditation is not about clearing the mind, it is about processing, deprogramming and reprogramming. Connecting with your written files in the DNA of your cells. If you go and inject that Covid vax into your arm you will disconnect from these writings.